Local Musicians Execute Winter Tour

Life(Liss) and Digg !t Dave have teamed up to head south and play some original, homegrown music throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Feb. 15 at Stone Tavern in Kent, Ohio

Feb. 20 at Buzzbin Art And Music Shop in Canton, Ohio.

April 16 at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern in Pittsburgh, Pa.

“We’re both excited to get back on the road and perform for some new sets of eyes and ears,” says Life(Liss)

“And escape the lake-effect snow,” adds Digg !t Dave.

They combine to perform a grungy, indie rock sound via electric guitar and bongos. Life(Liss) writes original music from the post 9/11 era with lyrics ranging from politics to the simple, yet unfathomable, concept of love. Multi-instrumentalist Digg !t Dave has traveled the country playing both drums and bass for The Dirty Pickles.

While Life(Liss) sings, and sometimes growls, with sultry, molasses sweet tones, Digg !t adds a jazzy and dramatic percussion.

They plan to travel until springtime when they must return to Erie and perform at the Riverside Music Festival in Cambridge Springs on April 21, 2013.