Bluegrass Beats & Jamm’n Grooves

By Jenna Croyle

Originally, and for the most part, Bluegrass tunes can be described as musical depictions of the daily lives of the people from whence the music came.

First generation bluegrass musicians dominated the genre from its beginnings in the mid-1940s through the mid-1960s. This group generally consists of those who were playing during the “Golden Age” in the 1950s, including Wade Mainer and his Mountaineers, Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys, the Stanley Brothers, and Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs with the Foggy Mountain Boys, along with countless others.

In recent decades, bluegrass music has achieved broader and more diversified styles by evolving into new genres such as progressive bluegrass, or “Jamgrass” that has taken on more of a college-jam band atmosphere, along with several other styles.

Blending a wonderful mix of Bluegrass with a progressive jam based feel that delivers a distinctive and very addictive sound, this week’s featured band, Shotgun Jubilee has taken Erie by storm, carving out a unique and original place in our local musical scene as innovators of their genre.

Since 2006, Shotgun Jubilee has been a driving force in our local music scene, that have shared the stage with heavy hitters such as Ekoostik Hookah, Dangermuffin, Donna The Buffalo, Turbine, the Waterband, the Cabinet, The Recipe, Big Leg Emma, The Town Pants, and Buckwheat Zydeco.

Shotgun Jubilee is a four-piece band that is made up of Paul Schillinger on Lead Electric Guitar and Vocals, Dominick DeCecco on vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin and Banjo, along with Steve Powell on Drums and Jason Shaner on Bass Guitar.

With passionate lyrics, soul touching melodies and energetic presentations, Shotgun Jubilee continues to captivate audiences with high-speed energy and a super groovy feel that keeps their ever-growing number of fans coming back for more, time after time.

Paul Schillinger’s Electric Guitar playing is without doubt talent rich and chilling, as he drives the rhythms and pumps out the enchanting sounds that resonates pure six-string brilliance.

As front man and song writing genius, Dominick DeCecco is the multi talented and incredibly versatile glue that holds this group together, while creating the devastatingly unique and creative sound that has carried the band to local greatness. DeCecco’s proficiency in not only his lyrical contributions, but also his gifted instrumental work has catapulted both Shotgun Jubilee’s musical progression and popularity.

The stick work of Steve Powell is dynamic, yet never overpowering the mandolin chops. Powell’s clever Drums add an energy and life to the overall band sound, offering a shocking punch to the music.

Jason Shaner’s technique delivers perfect speed for the band’s music, with solid timing of both the right hand and left hand with a very melodic and groovy feel. Shaner’s keen and very knowledgeable use of his instrument offers a subliminal addiction to the groove and forces you to your feet every song.

With powerful backbeats, soaring guitar work, compelling and heartfelt lyrics, along with a full throttle presentation, that mixes Jam Band rhythms and that Woodstock vibe, Shotgun Jubilee is an incomparable band, and one that is certainly among the cream of the local musical crop.

For a hard-hitting and powerful night of Bluegrass and funky fresh Jamgrass, that will keep you on the dance floor and moving all night long, check out the next Shotgun Jubilee show, the best homegrown music in town.

For more information on Shotgun Jubilee or their show dates, please visit their Facebook Page.



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