Indie Rock Redefined

By Jenna Croyle

In the early 90’s with bands like REM, Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alternative became the buzzword of the time, and these bands went on to sell millions of records while becoming MTV sensations and legendary artists.

Those days may be over, but the sound of Indie Pop and Alternative Rock lives on with a countless number of artists like this week’s featured band, Falling Hollywood who are not only still pushing the music forward and following in the footsteps of the great ones who came before them, but forging their own path on the way to musical greatness.

Falling Hollywood blends hard-core passion, tremendous talent, and an innovative style with diversity and intensity that creates an amazing sound that is the essence of music at its best.

With smart and catchy lyrics, phenomenal instrumentals, and musical harmonies that are not only addictive, but are simply energized with excitement and rhythmic magic, Falling Hollywood

consistently delivers a sound that redefines the genres and raises the standard of what Indie and Alternative Rock should be.Falling Hollywood is a devastatingly creative four-piece band that includes members Brad Triana on Drums, Bill Frackowiak on Bass, Nick Taylor and Matt Flowers on Vocals and Guitar.

Falling Hollywood is a devastatingly creative four-piece band that includes members Brad Triana on Drums, Bill Frackowiak on Bass, Nick Taylor and Matt Flowers on Vocals and Guitar.

With a super cool and ever-changing vibe that is constantly evolving as the band moves flawlessly through their high powered and hard hitting set list, Falling Hollywood serves up captivating and enthralling originals like Cocaine, Allison, Young and Dangerous, Johnny Cash, and Mr. Time along with many more.

Progressive, innovative, and intense are all words that only scratch the surface when attempting to describe the sound that Drummer Brad Triana creates with every stroke and note, delivering stellar chops that are always tension-free with astonishing technique in both flat flams and single stroke rolls. Triana’s beats seem to come alive before your eyes, taking on their own personality and luster, escaping the boundaries of the norm while blending perfectly with the music.

Bill Frackowiak offers remarkably chilled and entrancing baselines, always tapping out the freshest beats with that “real deal” sound quality that delivers an audible bang that has effortlessly launched Frackowiak into the hierarchy of the top Bassists of our scene.

While the vocal harmonies of Falling Hollywood are always far beyond what you might expect and definitely much more than what you can imagine, Nick Taylor offers riveting performances with a voice that has incredible range and feeling, along with a clear flair for enticing his audiences to jam out.

Offering a bit of a different style, when Matt Flowers takes lead on the mic, the lyrics seem to pour out of him with a heartfelt energy and talent rich delivery that is all rolled up in a package that has that unique Woodstock vibe that can’t be faked.

When it comes to live electrifying energy that comes from the purest of places, music that is “real” personified, and talent that is locally unmatched, Falling Hollywood is the standard by which Alternative Indie Rock should be measured.

Expanding the possibilities, transcending the genres, and delimitating music from the confines of what is, Falling Hollywood is a symphony of sight and sound and are an incandescent beacon for musicians everywhere.

For more information on Falling Hollywood and their show dates, please visit their Facebook Page