Metal with a Groove

By Jenna Croyle

Among many other things, the 80’s gave birth to Metal Music, which developed a huge and loyal following that, like the music itself, has evolved and became stronger and more powerful over the years.

Over time, many variations of Metal sprouted up along with more aggressive and extreme genres including Glam Metal and the more intense, thrash metal. As time passed, this music has gone from being mostly restricted to an underground audience, to breaking into the mainstream and commercial realm of success.

For Erie, Metal Music has been an intricate part of the local music scene for decades, spawning countless groups that have entertained us in a way that no other music can.

This week’s featured band, Scarwork, is one of the premier Metal bands in Erie today, offering their fans more than just another Metal show, but a new experience of Thrash metal with a groove.

When members of the most sensational Metal bands ever to play a note in Erie join forces, the end result is something so hardcore amazing that is limitless in talent, excitement, and the ability to knock you down, pick you up and thrash you all at the same time, leaving you craving more while at the same time you pray God takes your soul. Scarwork is just such a band.

Scarwork is made up of some of the most talented Metal musicians in Erie, featuring Tom Wurst on Guitar, Steve Jacobson on Guitar and Vocals, Lori Hansen on Drums and Joe Kelly on Lead Vocals and Bass.

Formed in March 2008 by Joe Kelly, Scarwork has entertained countless fans with their unique brand of Metal, combining the speed of the early 80’s with a new modern sound that has given new life and energy to Metal Music scene in Erie.

Music is not the only thing that makes this band so exceptional, unlike many other bands that mostly get together to rehearse and gig, Scarwork is more like a tight nit family not only with each other, but with their fans as well. Taking the time to get to know the people who love their music gives this band the unique trait of being on a first name basis with many, if not most of their fans. Scarwork makes every show more than just a show; it’s kind of like one big family reunion that you will never forget.

Setting Scarwork apart from other bands in yet another way, and even more rare in Metal bands is to have a female drummer, Scarwork breaks the boundaries with Lori Hansen pounding the sounds that reverberate to your very soul unlike any other Metal drummer I have heard.

Each member of Scarwork has a very distinct individuality of their own that when put all together makes for a band that seems to have a mind that thinks and creates masterpieces, standing out from the crowd as a Metal Music legend.

As 2011 Rockerie Music Award Nominees, Scarwork is a one of a kind power Metal band that through the diverse talents and style of its members fuses many musical genres for a sound that demands your attention and repays it with a special something that grabs you like nothing else.

Scarwork, a metallic dreamscape of Metal mania that will blow your mind every time.

For more information on Scarwork and their show dates, please visit their Facebook Page




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