Smoke and Mirrors- It Is What It Is

By Jenna Croyle

Smoke and Mirrors is usually an expression used when we talk about embellishing the truth or one that alludes to the performances of stage conjurers who trick the audience. This week’s featured band Smoke and Mirrors is anything but an embellishment, what you see is what you get.

Featuring Dave Vogt on vocals, Jack Molnar & Joe Nolan on guitar, Eric Schauffele (EMS) on the bass/vocals, and Pat Bolla on the drums, Smoke & Mirrors is one of Erie’s hottest hardcore punk bands.

Drawing from their hardcore roots, Smoke and Mirrors was established in 2007 and with an energetic sound filled with passion and heart brought new life and attention to the Erie hardcore scene.

As a part of the Erie Hardcore music scene, with a nice mix of raw and heavy hardcore leaning toward the mid tempo side and with a twist of the old as well as the new, Smoke and Mirrors is nothing short of awesome. The slight metal influences as well as a strong sense of punk offer their fans an overall vibe that is an energetic hardcore blend attributed to the veteran talents of the band’s members.

Since forming the band, Smoke and Mirrors has released several albums in both the US and Europe and toured with bands including Madball, Bane, Comeback Kid, Blacklisted and Outbreak.

Currently Smoke and Mirrors is hard at work writing, recording, and entertaining their fans each week at venues in and around the area.

For more information on Smoke and Mirrors or upcoming show dates please visit their website or join them on Facebook at