Party in the Country

By Jenna Croyle


Over the years, the continuation of country music has taken several directions, from the glitz to the camp to the spectacular Rock-style performance.

Each weekend in small towns throughout the land, the pure country sound, whether it be a single voice, a duo with Guitars or a full band that just wants to entertain their audiences with the most power driven, high intensity shows this side of Nashville, is kept alive and reinvigorated each night.

This week’s featured band, Small Town Revolution keeps the Country Rock’n as they assert themselves as one of the powerhouses of local Country Rock music, offering their fans a true party all night, Country Rock revolution.

In the span of only a few hours, this band takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride of sarcastic, angry, in love, out of love, pensive, aggressive, subtle, and raw with a diversity and delivery that you do not typically see these days.

Each song, feels like a part of the band pouring out before your eyes, revealing a genuine authenticity of Small Town Revolution’s talent and passion.

This six-piece sensation features Paul Bryson on Lead Guitar, Matthew Bennett on Keyboard and Vocals, Ben DiGilio on Bass, Clark Ellsworth on Drums with Selleena Ellsworth on Lead Vocals and Andy Mullen on Guitar and Lead Vocals.

Small Town Revolution covers a wide Varity of music from Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum and Toby Keith, to CCR, Joan Jett, and Van Halen along with many more hard-hitting hits, all served up with an extra large, supersized helping of good times.

Always entertaining, never boring, Small Town Revolution roars right out of the gate with a full throttle stage show that gets your toes tapping, your blood pumping and keeps you on the dance floor all night.

With a soulful and empowered voice that has a bit of a Joplin edge to it, Selleena Ellsworth blasts out every line in her own style, revving you up for the next tune.

Andy Mullen not only picks a mean Guitar, but also offers a distinctive sound of authentic Country with his voice along with lyrical delivery that is certainly high-energy and heartfelt, giving his audiences a real treat.

The very talented and energetic finger work of Paul Bryson is rich in rhythms that energize the music, while his expressiveness saturates each song with out of this world style.

Matthew Bennett’s spitfire action on the Keyboard truly lends the soul to this band’s music as he consistently demonstrates flexibility while oozing musical charisma, delivering true Keyboard genius every show.

The hard pounding baselines of Ben DiGilio, along with the manically rhythmic chops of Clark Ellsworth are the underlying fuel that powers this supercharged racecar of a band.

Small Town Revolution brings the noise and puts the party in the Country, the Rock in the roll, firing up the stage and burning down the house, creating a rock till you drop experience every time. Small Town Revolution is a must see band.

For more information on Small Town Revolution, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook Page.




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