Pure Multi-Layered Music

By Jenna Croyle

What do you get when you mix decades of musical talent from around the world, a musical repertoire ranging from reggae and soul, to funk, hip-hop, jazz, salsa and Latin beats, along with a show-stopping high-energy stage dazzle that offers an eclectic, all-inclusive infused sound?

The answer could only be, Erie’s most unique and popular band, North America’s premier World Music Group and this week’s featured band, One World Tribe.

Founded in 1994 by Kennedy Thompson, One World Tribe is an effervescent and refreshing blend of World and Latin music, R&B and funk with an authentic style that can only be described as truly astonishing.

The band’s members are from the United States, Africa, Jamaica and Puerto-Rico and primarily include Preach Freedom on Vocals and Percussion, Kennedy Thompson on Vocals, Keyboards and Percussion, Mike Chin on Bass, Kenny Hollis on Guitar and Vocals, Frank Singer on Keyboards, Guitar,  Guitar/Synthesizer, Vocals, along with Mark Colicchia on Drums, M’Baye Rama Diagne on Percussion and Vocals, Lauren Hughes on Percussion and Vocals, Baba Raymond Sylla on African Drums and Percussion, Ringo Brill on Percussions, Kennedy Lorya on Vocals and Keyboard and John Norton III on Percussion and Vocals.

Also with the band on stage you might see Matty Walker, Elizabeth Crews, Enrique Lozada, Brad Amidon, Sean Clemments, Mark Marchant and Barnetta DeBoe.

Just as diverse as the talents, style and geographical origins of its band members, One World Tribe’s musical influences cover a very wide spectrum of musical genres that include everything from Bob Marley to the Grateful Dead, from Santana, Earth Wind & Fire to Marvin Gaye and from Prince, Bob Dylan and Miles Davis, to Neil Young, The Beatles and 2Pac to The Meters, Burning Spear and Eddie Palmeri along with many more.

The outstanding music and style, and the ethnic and geographical composure of the band, meshed together with the truly global collective mindset of One World Tribe, attracts fans of every age, race and religion as the Tribe breaks the boundaries and blurs the lines of social and racial differences through the purity of music at its finest.

One World Tribe offers the capacity crowds at every one of their shows an experience that is exceptional and truly one-of-a-kind, full of soul, vitality and many facets of amazing effects that seem to all come together into a melting pot of musical enlightenment that urges unity and tolerance and respect of people’s differences through unmatched musical perfection.

The multi-layered vocal harmonies, rhythmic Percussion drives, funky feel and perfect instrumental accord along with the overwhelming intensity of the music and spectacular original tunes of One World Tribe creates something much more that a musical experience, something so wonderful and inspiring that words simply can’t describe.

One World Tribe is much more than a band, they are a collection of individual superstars with a rhythmic intensity that always keeps the energy level on overdrive as they connect perfectly with every audience member in a way no other band can.

One World Tribe, a musical revelation…

For more information on One World Tribe, band members and show dates, please visit www.oneworldtribe.com








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