The Wild West Comes to Erie

By Dan and Alison Tingley

Snake-Eye Sam’s Saloon Showdown is back at the Station Dinner Theatre and Tavern. It was conceived and created by Rae Jean and Paul Urbanowicz. This show was written and directed by David Durst with staging by Marann Curtis. It’s a show within a show, where the actors have dual roles. The show is broken up into four parts, and the actors serve the meal.

This year’s story is “By Hook or By Crook.” It’s about two swindlers who come into town and decide to put on a talent show for the townspeople in order to raise money to build a school. However, they intend to steal the money and leave town during the show. Finding talent in these parts proves to be a challenge, to say the least, as the town is full of interesting characters.

The cast includes P. Barry McAndrew (Snake-Eye Sam/Willie), Mike Nasca (Bronco Billy/Fish), David Durst (Ten Gallon Tex/Hooker), Carrie Smith (Miss Carrie/Bea), Marann Curtis (Miss Kitty/Alma), Lizzie Donikowski (Miss Rosie/Shelby), Chrissy Brinkman (Miss Dolly/Ida), and Aaron Hunsaker (Two Bit Slim/Midas). These actors put forth a rootin’-tootin’ performance, chock-full of great singing and excellent comedic timing.

McAndrew is the perfect Snake-Eye Sam. It is difficult to imagine anyone else filling this role. Nasca delivers some great harmony. Durst has a sort of Stan Laurel thing going on. Smith plays a mean piano. Curtis is ornery as hell. Donikowski and Brinkman do some fantastic singing. And Hunsaker plays clueless like a champ. We’d like to see more of Donikowski, Brinkman, and Hunsaker at the Station.

The set, costumes, and wigs are fitting for the setting. The show is well directed. The music is well done. The dance numbers are cute. Everyone’s talent shines at this show.

Snake-Eye Sam’s Saloon Showdown runs through May 29.  It really is a lot of fun. You should go. Call (814) 864-2022 or go on line to for show times, reservations, and access to the season schedule. Don’t just say you’re going to do it. Do it.



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