A Different Kind of Coffeehouse

By Cindy Hemper

With so many of the locally owned, hometown coffee shops closing over the past few years, it has been a bit of an effort  to find a place to get some of that dark brew and chill without going to a corporate place like Starbucks.

In today’s edition of the Sidewalk Series, we bounce on over to the West side for a cup of hot Joe and a big slice of charm. Near the corner of 26th & Powell is a cozy little shop called the Brick House Coffee coffeehouse.

The Brick House Coffee shop is unconventionally placed in a redesigned two-story brick manor, perfect for what now lies inside. With a lovely and spacious brick patio and porch is exactly the thing for a hot summer’s day or a breezy evening’s delight. The beautiful garden is the perfect accent to the well kept landscaping that surrounds the building, giving you the feeling that you could be anywhere but an urban environment as you relax, enjoying the fine coffees and tasty treats.

Unlike most coffee shops in Erie, Brick House Coffee amazingly has a drive through window for those busy moments when you just do not have the time to stop, but still crave good home-style indulgences.

The interior is half coffee shop half-art gallery, with very comfortable seating throughout, including a wonderful area where you can stretch out and unwind near a fireplace in what was once the living room of the house, or get down to more serious business at a table.

The main counter is directly in front of you when you walk through the front door, and there is always a staff member standing there waiting to greet you with a friendly smile and hearty “can I help you”, as though you were an old friend they are very happy to see, willing to talk and answer questions.

Brick House Coffee offers a perfect combination of coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, or smoothies, and espresso along with fantastic baked goods and an excellent selection of Paninis, all of which are prepared fresh each day. You will also never have to worry about getting bored with the menu, it changes daily keeping the variety always as fresh as the food and coffees.

The Bistro Room is a classic coffee house sitting area with tables and wooden chairs while the Daily Grind Room is a charming area where you can sit, loosen up and read or watch TV on a 27″ LCD television, while you enjoy your espresso and pastries.

If quiet and privacy is what you are looking for, with sliding pocket doors that close completely, the Daily Grind Room is just the spot for you.

While the coffees are amazing, the smoothies are unbelievable, but the real treasures of the Brick House Coffee are without doubt, the pastries, simply out of this world. The fresh baked scones, the blueberry and raspberry muffin-tops, and a double chocolate muffin are by far the best I have ever had.

Brick House Coffee has an unparalleled menu of Sandwiches such as Chicken Cheddar Pesto, Ham & Swiss and an absolutely delicious Mediterranean Veggie salad. The menu also includes everything from Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad to Roasted Chicken salad, and they even serve gourmet Pizza.

Finally, if all of this is not reason enough to stop by, then here is yet another phenomenal reason. Brick House Coffee is the only coffeehouse that I have heard of in Erie that serves a selection of beers, wines and sangrias and Italian Sodas. In addition, Brick House Coffee regularly offers live music by fantastic musicians like artists Dave Hopkins, Mark Trimpey and Ashley Stamm.

Overall Brick House Coffee is, in my opinion, the best and only of its kind coffeehouse in the County of Erie and gets a resounding Ten Stars review.

For more information on Brick House Coffee, their hours, menu selections, entertainment or general information, please call 814-836-1821or visit their website at their Facebook Page.