Great Food and Good Atmosphere

By Cindy Hemper

Usually, the Sidewalk Series focuses on bars, taverns and restaurants in and around downtown Erie. This week’s edition takes a hop, skip and a jump across town, to Joe Root’s Grill, located at 2826 West 8th Street.

Joe Root’s Grill, though nice enough, seems about average at first glance when driving by. However, once you walk in you will find that it is anything but average. After one visit, you come to realize why the restaurant has been voted best Seafood Restaurant in Erie time after time.

Joe Root’s serves a very nice variety of seafood as well as traditional salads, appetizers, soups and sandwiches. The inside of the fresh fish hot spot has a nautical theme with photos of sailboats and marine life tastefully placed throughout the establishment.

From the moment you walk in, you are treated very politely and with respect, as though you were the only customer, while the restaurant is clearly packed.

Considering how busy they were, it did not take very long for my server to arrive to take my drink order, which was served within only a few minutes. After having been ordered, my appetizer, grilled shrimp served on garlic Focaccia toast, came just as quickly and with a smile.

If you have never tried Focaccia, you truly should. Focaccia, which looks similar to a pizza crust, as it is a flat oven-baked Italian bread and is usually seasoned with olive oil and salt, and sometimes herbs. Not to be confused with Pizza crust, Focaccia is a much more flavorful bread and has been around for many centuries. In ancient Rome, Focaccia, then called panis focacius, was baked in the ashes of the fireplace.

Shortly after my appetizer arrived, the main entrée was delivered, tenderloin filet, the best cut of steak I might add. The steak was juicy and made to order and truly fantastic, and a bit larger than what I am used to getting. This was a cut of meat that did not need anything extra, was perfect just as it was served.

Overall, I would have to say that my experience was in a word, incredible. The food was just delicious, the service was outstanding and the general ambiance is very inviting.

Joe Root’s Grill is perfect for anyone’s dining needs, whether you are looking to take that special somebody out for a great start to a date, a fantastic and reasonably priced family dinner out, or just a quick bite on your way home from work, Joe Root’s is the place to eat.

All things considered, Joe Root’s Grill is without any doubt, a five star dining extravaganza for even the most discriminating taste buds. I highly recommend this restaurant, and whether you live in the city, as far away as Edinboro, or just down the street, it is well worth visiting.

For more information on Joe Root’s Grill, their hours and menu selections, please visit their Facebook Page.