An Original Hitt

By Jenna Croyle

Throughout our area, there are many innovative musicians, songwriters, and performers who capture our attention with their melodies, provoke our emotions with their lyrics, and dazzle us with their stage shows.

Among the countless local artists that fill the stages each week, playing the music that leads us through a plethora of passions and high-energy good times, one group stand out from the crowd.

With a sense of impulsive imagination, enchanting compositions and tremendous talent, this week’s featured band, Strangers And Liars seem to dominate our local seen with many of the most brilliant and intense originals, while blending the lighter side into the music.

Founded just over a year ago, Strangers And Liars have taken the City hostage with their devastating lyrics, fresh melodies, marvelous musicianship, and shocking instrumentals that when all combined seem to mesmerize their audiences.

As a four piece original Rock sensation, Strangers And Liars is made up of Tommy Link on Vocals, Guitar, and Harmonica, Justin Anderson on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Russ Straub on Bass Guitar, and Tom Hitt on Drums and Vocals.

Only Made A Bad Thing Worse, Lick My Wounds, Music In Your Soul, Quiet On The Shoreline, Natural Appearances, Along For The Ride, She Ain’t Talking, and What’s In A Name?, are only a small part of Strangers And Liars’ cornucopia of original wonders performed by the band at their shows, invigorating and charming their audiences.

Tommy Link’s Acoustic Guitar adds the perfect touch for this group, while his clear and crisp voice delivers the lyrics of each song strongly and passionately.

The Electric Guitar work of Justin Anderson drives the rhythms with stellar finger work that is full of energy and talent rich, while offering a fantastic stage presence as well.

Russ Straub is a wonderful Bass Guitarist, offering great timing and consistent musical fluency throughout his entire performance, along with an amazing command of his instrument.

The sticks of Tom Hitt are brutally astounding, always in perfect time and delivering truly phenomenal and perhaps the most surprisingly clean and innovative sounds to come out of a drum kit on any local stage.  As a double-edged sword, Hitt is not only a stick master, but along with Tommy Link, is also the lyrical genius behind the music of the band.

Strangers And Liars offers a one of a kind musical treat that encompasses everything you could possibly want from a band, heartfelt and even radiant lyrics, world-class musicianship, instrumentals that rock, and a charming and pristine stage presence that puts Strangers And Liars well over the top.

As a must see band, Strangers And Liars is one of the best things about Erie and an experience that will without doubt put the music in your soul.

For more information on Strangers And Liars, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.


Erie Dawn