Romantic Era’s “Even If Your Voice Shakes” CD Review

By Julie Caldwell


You might think that the challenges that come with having a seven-member band might take away from the music, but with the release of “Even If Your Voice Shakes”, the Romantic Era is taking full advantage of every member and all of their collective talents.

Though with a bit of a new flavor, The Romantic Era’s newest album, “Even If Your Voice Shakes” maintains that high musical standard that we have come to expect from the group, while the music has retained that distinctive and edgy sound.

Just as you might expect, “Even If Your Voice Shakes” has very smart, well written and catchy lyrics, brilliantly performed instrumentals, and devastating melodies and harmonies that when all combined freshly express a various collection of passions, and true emotions that any listener can connect with.

Offering guest appearances by local artists such as Lethal Trend and Varcity, “Even If Your Voice Shakes” is wonderfully diverse and especially exciting to listen to.

The sixteen track CD offers something for everybody and includes many high-energy tunes, with several more mellow songs, along with both a well-placed intro and outro that magnificently and fluently unites the continuity of the album with the Hip Hop style of Paris Williams.

The CD opens with amazing tracks like “Two Step” and electrifying songs like “We Came to Party” that draw you in and get your blood-pumping, while the lyrics of these and all the tracks offer a voice of the new generation from a Pop Music platform.

The Romantic Era features Colin Kimball on Keyboard, Ben Griffith on Drums, Alan Dingfelder on Guitar, Dave Pfister on Guitar, Bryant Kimball on Bass, Paris Williams on Backup Vocals and Connor Kimball on Lead Vocals.

The songs “One Shot” and “Bodyguard” are perfectly captivating, while others like “Even If Your Voice Shakes” and “Electric Kiss” bring the album to life, along with tunes such as “Stolen Me” which really does steal not only your attention, but your heart as well.

While The Romantic Era’s last self-entitled album stole the show at last year’s RockErie Music Awards, “Even If Your Voice Shakes” is a definite award winner for the 2013 REMA event, and certainly one of the biggest smash hits, and most popular releases of the 2013 year.

Living up to their hard-hitting, Pop superstar reputation, The Romantic Era offers every song on their new release as solid hits, sure to dazzle the ears of every listener, while entrancing their emotions, flaming their passions, and provoking their musical imaginations.

As a gleaming example of production, lyrics, instrumentals, and melodies, The Romantic Era’s “Even If Your Voice Shakes” is a clear five star Album demanding a listen.

“Even If Your Voice Shakes” is currently available at, iTunes, CDbaby, and Spotify to just name a few.

For more information on The Romantic Era, their new CD, “Even If Your Voice Shakes”, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.