Chasing Moira’s “Far Away As Yesterday”

By Julie Caldwell

For many artists, studio albums, though well produced and technically amazing, the music seems to lack the energy that one can only get from a live show experience. Chasing Moira’s second CD release “Far Away As Yesterday” is by no means just another sound in the crowd, offering all that you might expect and surprising you with much more.

Much like their live shows, Chasing Moira instantly draws you in from the very first note, compelling your complete attention with songs like “Live for Today”, and then hits you hard with high-energy tunes like “Hey You” that offer that same live show feel.

With dissenting and addictive melodies, smart and captivating lyrics, along with fantastic instrumentals throughout the album, “Far Away As Yesterday” seems to blend a variety of styles with the bands own unique sound and edge.

Creatively integrating the textures of Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and of course Dave Matthews, Chasing Moira delivers one of the most ingeniously performed and produced collection of music that I have heard from a local artist.

Started in 2010 as a Dave Matthews cover band, Chasing Moira has assembled a collection of musical masterpieces that includes fabulous, soon to be hits like “Never Said”, “Now It Seems”, “Reminder” and “Open up the Bottle”.

This six piece collection of musical masters include Mike Wolfe on Drums, Chris Moore on Guitar and Vocals, Brendan Beall on Saxophone, Adam Brown on Guitar and Vocals along with Ben Henry on Bass and Rob Morrison as the groups Violinist.

With the release of “Far Away As Yesterday”, Chasing Moira truly shows off their talent as master musicians, featuring the brilliant instrumental work of each member’s instrument. Tunes like “Reminder”, “Coffee Shop”, and “Never Said” are three wonderful examples of the monumental talent this band has, both individually and collectively.

While Chasing Moira walked away with the “Alternative Band of the Year” award at last year’s RockErie Music Awards, there is certainly no doubt that “Far Away As Yesterday” should earn them yet another prize for “Album Of The Year” at the 2013 REMA.

Occasionally, a band comes along that produces something so amazing and are so exceptional, lifting their music to new heights that can be described as nothing short of awe-inspiring, Chasing Moira is just such a band and “Far Away As Yesterday” is truly such an album.

Chasing Moira’s 11-track release of “Far Away As Yesterday” raises the bar on what you should expect from local artists, while it is without doubt note for note equal to any compilation released by national artists as Dave Matthews.

Though the discriminating musical ear of each listener is as different as each person is to another, I give “Far Away As Yesterday” two thumbs up and a five star rating, recommending it to anyone who is into innovative, well-produced music with dazzling instrumentals, stunning lyrics, and provocative melodies.

“Far Away As Yesterday” is now available on all major online retailers including iTunes. For more information on “Far Away As Yesterday”, Chasing Moira, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.