Intense and Edgy

By Jenna Croyle


Though there are many diverse and infused genres of music that populate our local scene, none are more interesting, invigorating, and captivating than those that blur the lines and blend the styles with a multitude of sounds, influences, and textures that define creativity.

Bringing to the stage all that is real, this week’s featured band, The Masquerade takes us on an adventure of emotions, super high energy, and crazy-fresh melodies with each show they perform.

Formed in late 2012, The Masquerade is made up of members Geo Martinez and Brandon Eaton on Guitar, TJ Hess on Bass, Dakota Valerio on Drums, along with Robert Morris on Lead Vocals.

Blending catchy hooks, ridiculously talented vocals, clean melodies and original tunes that are unbelievable, The Masquerade delivers very versatile and talented performances with innovative music that definitely hooks you and keeps you wanting more.

As a high throttle Alternative Rock band, The Masquerade offers some of the smoothest, most crisp Drumbeats, and devastating Guitar work, along with hard driving and talent rich Bass beats merged with passionate and catchy lyrics, inspired vocals that keep their fans pumped up their entire set.

The Masquerade always delivers a crisp sound that is built around great musicianship, offering their audiences a no nonsense Rock show that pumps out polished originals with a unique style and an explosive stage show.

Winning a Blue Pike Award for Best Punk Band, and with an upcoming release of their first EP entitled “Home Is Where You Make It” slated for sometime in late spring, early summer, The Masquerade is well on their way to local stardom.

The Guitar picking of Martinez and Brandon Eaton is outstanding and energized, while the Bass Guitar of TJ Hess hits you hard with not only excellent thumping, but is rhythmically marvelous as well.

Dakota Valerio on Drums is simply stellar, offering perfectly in time beats with melodic patterns and great versatility, moving fluently through the various patterns with great stamina, speed, and flair.

The band’s Lead Singer, Robert Morris is one of the most energized front men I have seen on a local stage. Delivering smooth, devastating and ridiculously talented vocals combined with an explosive and addictive stage show positions Morris as the Pied Piper of party, while he works his audiences into a fierce musical frenzy at every show.

Insane guitar shredding, sinful breakdowns and wicked vocals make The Masquerade a triple threat and a “Real Deal” band.

As definite superstars of tomorrow, The Masquerade defies the norm, and is forging new musical ground that has already branded them as underground pioneers and a band not to be missed.

For more information on The Masquerade, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.