Country Craze

By Jenna Croyle

In Erie, Country Music is one of the most listened to genres, as well as being one of the most popular styles of music performed on any stage in town.

Over the years, there have been many local and national touring Country bands that have performed in the city, all entertaining capacity crowds and exciting their audiences.

As relative newcomers to our local music scene, this week’s featured band, Ralph Chamberlain Jr & The Tombstone Band has already branded their mark on many local stages, while performing brilliantly crafted songs and attracting an ever-growing fan base.

With a striking and energetic stage show, a surprisingly magnetic connection with the audience and a smooth and powerful delivery of the music, Ralph Chamberlain Jr & The Tombstone Band is truly a complete Country music sensation.

Made up of Jerry Chamberlain on Guitar, Ricky Lee Jennings on Guitar and Mandolin, Paul Nejman on Bass Guitar, Vince Gorski III on Drums and Percussion, along with Ralph Chamberlain Jr on Vocals and Guitars.

Serving up phenomenal originals such as “Have I Told You Lately”, “Mile Square Town”, “Precious Gift”, and “Farmer’s Tan”, the Ralph Chamberlain Jr & The Tombstone Band sizzles every show and pumps out original Country gold.

Jerry Chamberlain on Guitar is a true joy to listen to, while his energy on stage is high-throttle, he churns out wonderful sounds with beautiful tone and exceptional vibrato, style, and musicianship.

Ricky Lee Jennings shows off his supercharged talent every show with spectacular finger work, offering a perfect shredding frenzy each song with a style and energy that lights up the stage.

The Bass beats of Paul Nejman are passionate and intense as he creates his own unique Bass lines in various situations and styles, simply exuding confidence, musical proficiency and charisma throughout the entire show.

The chops of Vince Gorski III are hard-hitting and talent rich, with radical rhythms that catch people off guard and accentuate the personality of the music.

Ralph Chamberlain Jr delivers stellar Guitar playing skill, captivating stage presence, and vocals that serve up versatility and excellent range, highlighting his talent for the classic sound blended with a very modern in your face attitude. Chamberlain’s charm and stage personality captivates his audiences, and excites the house.

Ralph Chamberlain Jr & The Tombstone Band are one of the best things to happen to local Country music scene in the past decade and are truly the new face of Local Country.

If you have not yet had the chance to see this band live, please make a point of going to their next show, it will be well worth the time and a show to remember.

For more information on Ralph Chamberlain Jr & The Tombstone Band, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.



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  • June 6, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    Truly an honor to be in Erie Jams magazine thank you and youll be seeing us around erie alot more and New york as well..

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