Diesel Houdini Makes Magic Out Of Music

By Jenna Croyle

Jason Pflueger, Josh Gone and Andy Costa make up one of Erie’s most talented bands that have caught the imagination of everybody who hears their music, while their originality has earned them the admiration of not only their audiences, but of their peers as well.

Diesel Houdini is a three-piece indie/alternative rock band that combines many contradictory influences that by all accounts should not blend, but amazingly, for them it does so well.

Diesel Houdini first started in the early 1990s, but did not last long. All three band members moved away. In 2003, Gone and Pflueger ran into each other again at Penn State Behrend College and decided to put the band back together. Costa joined the group also. They started with older songs, plus newer ones Pflueger had written while he was in Phoenix.

“Their original songs greet you like old friends and could give Maroon 5 and Kings of Leon a run for that certain hit like quality that highlights vocal, unique guitar work and an incredible tightness that offers credit to their name Diesel and Houdini.” said Fran Schanz, a long time fan.

With Diesel Houdini being so versatile, you might hear anything from punk, to straight rock, to rap beats coming from the stage, which makes for a mix that delivers a sound that is truly genuine hit quality.

Although the Diesel Houdini sound is one that can be considered very unique, the members admit taking personal influences from Bruce Springsteen and Black Sabbath with even a touch of Jazz thrown in that offers fans a steady repertoire of hard hitting no pretense rock that pounds the floorboards for every show.

Drummer Andy Costa, bassist/background vocalist Josh Gone, and guitarist/lead vocalist Jason Pflueger merge a mixture of musical backgrounds and influences into a sound that is totally their own.

As the 2010 RockErie Music Awards album of the year winner, Diesel Houdini certainly steals the show and takes over the stage and if you want to hear some of the best original rock music from Erie, I highly suggest you check out their next show or buy one of their CDs, “For Sore Losers” would be an excellent choice.

For more information on Diesel Houdini, please visit their website www.dieselhoudini.com