Five Seat Concert Hall Album Review

By Julie Caldwell

Strangers and Liars released their newest album this past February entitled “Five Seat Concert Hall” that includes ten of the most smart and well-crafted tracks by a local band.

With a definite touch of impetuous creativity, charming compositions and marvelous talent, Strangers and Liars have compiled a musical masterpiece that is sure to be a benchmark for other musical artists.

Though most of the tracks on the CD have a mellow feel, the music maintains a rich sound with an edge of fantastic energy and strong passions. In addition to fantastic musicianship, the entire album shows off excellent production values and a well-chosen flow of the song progressions.

With catchy hooks, subtle yet strong drum beets and melodic Guitar pops throughout,  “Five Seat Concert Hall”  clearly showcases the individual talents of each of the Strangers and Liars band members that includes Tommy Link on Vocals, Guitar, and Harmonica, Justin Anderson on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Russ Straub on Bass Guitar, and Tom Hitt on Drums and Vocals.

With songs like “Quiet On The Shoreline”, “Dull Razors”, and “Music In Your Soul”, “Five Seat Concert Hall” is permeated with an infused and warm sound that captures and draws in the listener with a unique intimacy beautifully conveyed through the digital medium.

Tunes such as “Broken Hearts” kicks off the album with a big acoustic guitar presence and quickly follows it up with the seasoning of that electric element that perfectly complements the song. The fourth track on the CD, “Along for the Ride” offers a feel good edge, though it is delivered with a somewhat dark nuance.

Other tracks like “Letters”, “Don’t Play With Me”, and “Hey Maggie” have a more upbeat tempo that gets your toes tapping and your fingers snapping, while still keeping with the overall feel of the album as a whole.

With overtones of Pop, “Five Seat Concert Hall” is a strong example of instrumental work at its finest, showing a great deal of emphasis on the music and lyrics, and less on the popular verse-chorus structure and the electric sound that many bands capitalize on.

The entire album is full of hit quality tunes that has a wealth of musical integrity and ingraining choruses, songwriting genius, and faultless instrumentals that illustrates the passion, originality, talent, and experience of each of the band members.

Taking much of their musical influences from artists like The Band, J.J. Cale, The Beatles, Warren Zevon, and Tom Petty, Strangers and Liars’ “Five Seat Concert Hall” blends a bit of the classic with a plethora of new and innovative arrangements that offers the listener an entrancing and delightful experience.

“Five Seat Concert Hall” is solid gold and a definite must listen to CD, and very well deserving of a five star rating.

“Five Seat Concert Hall” is available at, and will be available at the CD Release on April 5th at the Crooked i.  For more information on “Five Seat Concert Hall”, Strangers and Liars, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.




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