Great Rock N’ Roll With a Fresh Feel

By Jenna Croyle

As some of the most popular genres of music, Classic Rock, Blues Rock and Southern Rock songs are performed on countless stages in and around our City each and every weekend, entertaining immeasurable audiences and fans of both the genre and the bands who bring the music to life.

Originally formed in 2006 as an acoustic act, this week’s featured band, The Sofa King Cool Band has left a blazing trail of phenomenal musicianship and show stopping performances on the path to local stardom.

The Sofa King Cool Band serves up a mix of Rock N’ Roll, Classic Rock, and Rockin Blues, along with a fair helping of Southern Rock, all seasoned with a style and tenacity that keeps their fans coming back show after show.

Comprised of very talented and diverse musicians, The Sofa King Cool Band is made up of members Mark Munyon on drums, Brian Pears on Bass and Vocals, Ron Arnold on Guitar and Vocals, and Tony Caldarelli on Guitar and Lead Vocals.

Playing all the Southern and Classic Rock favorites the way they were meant to be played, The Sofa King Cool Band offers powerhouse renditions of music made famous by artists like Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, and Tom Petty, along with many more legends of music.

The Sofa King Cool Band’s set list is as relentlessly aggressive as it is vast, pouring out hit after hit such as “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, “Jesus Just Left Chicago” by ZZ Top, “Can’t You See” by The Marshall Tucker Band, and “Statesboro Blues” by The Allman Brothers Band, along with many more.

Mark Munyon’s drumming is spitfire, yet melodic, while his timing, energy and aptitude as a stick master is surpassed only by his clear enthusiasm and passion for the music that he performs, making him a drumming joy.

Brian Pears takes the Bass Guitar to soaring heights, delivering classic beats with a knack for never overplaying, allowing his Bass to dictate the groove and the feel gorgeously, while producing infectious grooves throughout each show.

The licks of Ron Arnold are enriched, atmospheric, and most importantly, talent soaked fingerpicking that is truly inspired and absolutely, electrifying.

Tony Caldarelli is a high-energy and captivating Guitarist, while his vocals are powerful, passionate, and riveting as he smoothly transitions through various high and lows that the music calls for. Caldarelli presents a strong stage presence and compelling personality that grabs the audience, and shows off his true ability as an entertainer.

Bringing to the stage amazing pulse throbbing style that is infused by hard pounding covers with the sound, intensity, showmanship, and the sheer power flowing off the stage makes The Sofa King Cool Band the total crowd pleasing package and musical icons in the making.

For more information on The Sofa King Cool Band, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.



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