Hard Hitting Hard Rock

By Jenna Croyle

With the 1980’s came bands as Led Zeppelin, The Who, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, AC/DC, and Van Halen, taking the stage, and bringing the dawn of a new musical era. Since that time, Hard Rock has been monumental to our musical culture, captivating the world with its diversity and spirit.

Aggressive, complex, and every bit as hard-hitting and powerful as the Hard Rock pioneers who came before them, this week’s featured band, Kevlar has captivated the Tri-State area just as the Hard Rock genre influenced the world.

Kevlar is a focused and determined supercharged force in our City that has blended pure passion, strong talent, and engaging personalities with creative songwriting and a musical edge that is timeless, and enthralls their fans and shocking the scene with style and music that is unmatched in our area.

Rocking every venue from Erie to Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and beyond, Kevlar is Jacob Flaugh on Guitar and Vocals, Anthony Sanzo on Bass Guitar, Nick Sanzo on Drums and Vocals, with Brian Lowery on Guitar and Lead Vocals.

Since early 2011, Kevlar has been entertaining countless crowds with outrageous shows that connects with listeners of all ages through music that merges the sounds of multiple genres and influences of innumerable artists for a sound and style that is far beyond unique, setting Kevlar apart from other bands.

With power driven and rhythmic based original songs like “I Don’t Mind”, “Strength”, “Vicious Cycle”, “Staring Back At Me”, “Better Than Me”, and “Bad Day”, Kevlar takes music on a thrill ride of musical greatness with their audiences as overwhelmed passengers.

Jacob Flaugh and Brian Lowery’s Guitar performances are very in your face, and talent rich, offering varying degrees of complexity, with wild and rhythmic riffs and aggressive playing that is always high throttle and dynamic.

Anthony Sanzo on Bass Guitar is simply outstanding, his beats working beautifully in conjunction with the drums, occasionally playing riffs, while always providing a deep and potent backing for the guitars.

The Drum work of Nick Sanzo is continually spot on, focusing on driving rhythms with a strong bass drum and a backbeat that is simply phenomenal.

The back up vocals and harmonies of Kevlar are without doubt excellent, offering marvelous synchronization and work incredibly well with the overall flow of the songs and chemistry of the music.

Brian Lowery adds wonderful finger work on the Guitar while delivering stellar, high-energy performances as the front man of the band. Offering a variety of rang and versatility, Lowery’s voice is clear and strong, pumping out the lyrics like a true superstar.

Delivering Hard Rock with a progressive and addictive style, Kevlar gets down and dirty with mind-warping instrumentals, catchy lyrics, and fist pumping energy that never stops and rages from start to finish. As real deal entertainers, Kevlar hits you hard, and grabs you from the first note, always leaving you wanting more.

From more information on Kevlar, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.