Revolution Is For the Dogs

When David Wilder, CEO of Dog Ring LLC set out to invent a way to spend more time with his dog, he never knew his idea would become such a hit. The ‘Dog Ring’ is a new tool that gives people the freedom to take their dogs almost anywhere. It’s one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that” ideas.

The Dog Ring allows people to easily and quickly secure their dog around trees, posts, and poles in seconds. It has specially engineered leashes which allow the dog to run a full 360 degrees without getting tangled up. The Dog Ring is a hands-free way for people to include their dogs in more activities. It’s perfect for parks, camping, road trips, gardening, hiking, or just lounging around. Watch the video at

The Dog Ring has a unique take on leash designs and safety. Each leash offers a patent pending ‘Bungee Break’ system which ensures the dog will be safe even when reaching the end of the leash. All the leashes are made to be stylish and comfortable as well as reliable and strong. There are currently two patents pending on the system.

David and his team have gone through years of design, engineering, modeling and testing. They are ready to move into production, but the molds and special tooling required are costly. David has chosen to launch a crowdfunding campaign this week to raise the funds and awareness needed to move forward. He plans to start shipping them in February 2014. One can receive notification and project updates by signing up at

David is no newbie to the business world, but he is new to the dog products industry. Since ‘officially’ starting the company in 2012, he has met thousands of people who share in his vision of bringing Dog Ring to the world. “I never knew people would love this so much” David said smiling, “it’s going to be great”.

Crowdfunding is a way for people like David to raise funds from the general public. It is designed for the public to pledge differing amounts from $5 to $200+. With each pledge amount, the backer gets unique incentives offered by the project they are funding. In this case, people can pre-order Dog Ring systems for themselves and be the first in their neighborhood to spend more quality time with their dog.

Crowdfunding is a win-win situation. The inventor raises capital needed to get into production and funders are the talk of their neighborhood — and in this case are suddenly the new best friend of all the neighborhood dogs! Go to Watch the video to see the Dog Ring in action. Sign up and share with other dog lovers. Everyone loves the Dog Ring and you will too.




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