World’s First Children’s Musical Radio Play “Mina’s Adventures” Now Available as an Interactive App for Download

The app of “Mina’s Adventures” is now available at the iTunes Store for a special introductory price. The audio
play download is listed on iTunes and Music Load.

Children of four to fourteen years and their parents are welcome to download the world’s first children’s minasadventuremusical radio play “Mina’s Adventures”. The App supports the children’s urge to see, hear and discover the imaginative world of Mina.  The app of “Mina’s Adventures” is now available at the iTunes Store for a special introductory price. The audio play download is listed on iTunes and Music Load.

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The 70-minute radio play tells the story of Mina and her friends as they make their first steps into their new lives at the enchanted musical school Cantus Magus. Here, the children will be taught to bewitch their fellow human beings with music and song. But the privilege to learn at this school has to be earned. So Mina and her new friends set out to master the difficult riddles and tests that are essential for their entry examination.

The producers of “Mina’s Adventures” are two German authors and voice actors from Berlin – Jeffrey Wipprecht and Christian Zeiger.

“With our app we want to present a new world of audio play to children and their parents. Children can discover the magical world of “Mina’s Adventures” on their own. With the app they can make legs shake, frightened parrots lay eggs, allergic flowers sneeze, snarling dragons breathe fire and much more. The story also conveys important values such as friendship, love and honesty. There is a moral to the story.”

Good news for all those children and young people who want to improve their German language skills – the app is bilingual. In the start menu you can easily choose the language that suits you best: English or German.

Development of the project
All the texts and illustrations were developed especially for “Mina’s Adventures”. Well-known classical
compositions such as Mozart’s “A Little Night Music” and other new compositions take the children’s ears on a musical adventure.

Stephie Theodora, who had her own radio show “Boogie Hour with Stephie Strumpet” on WTNR Radio Network, lends her striking voice and character to little Mina. A little, magical and yellow mobile phone, which plays an important role in the story, got its voice from talented Jonathan Tilley. Tilley has been acting in well-known musicals like “Mamma Mia!”, “42nd Street” and “Cats” and was also involved in the creation of the audio book version of the New York Times’ bestselling picture book “How Rocket Learned to Read”.

The first manuscript of “Mina’s Adventures” was drafted by Jeffrey Wipprecht in 2009 under the working title
“Mina Lavina”. In 2012 the story was then completed together with Christian Zeiger. The promising team then
added talented app developers, audio engineers, illustrators, animators and renowned artists and composers to their team to make “Mina’s Adventure” the perfect and absolutely thrilling piece of entertainment for children that it is.