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LONDON (Reuters) - A flawless diamond, the size of a large strawberry, is expected to fetch a world record price when it comes to market at Sotheby's in London this month.

LONDON (Reuters) - Pieces of a 130-tonne "fatberg", a ball of fat and waste that was discovered in a London sewer in late 2017, have gone on display at a museum in the city.

CAESAREA, Israel (Reuters) - A 1,800-year-old mosaic of toga-clad men dating back to the Roman era has been unearthed in Israel, archaeologists said on Thursday.

LONDON/LAGOS (Reuters) - A portrait of a Nigerian princess that was lost for more than 40 years has been found in a London flat and will be sold at an auction screened live in Lagos, allowing Nigerian art lovers to make bids direct from the West African mega-city.

LIVERPOOL, England (Reuters) - Figures from China's famed Terracotta Army go on display in a museum in Liverpool this week, a decade after the life-sized sculptures were first showcased in Britain to throngs of visitors.

Sports News

GANGNEUNG, South Korea (Reuters) - The United States ended Canada's bid for a fourth consecutive men's Olympic curling gold medal with gritty 5-3 semi-final win over their northern neighbors on Thursday to set up a final showdown with Sweden.

GANGNEUNG, South Korea (Reuters) - She's practiced the 'Oops, I did it again' thousands of times in training, and on Thursday her signature trick was worth its weight in Olympic gold as American Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson's shootout winner broke a Canadian 16-year stranglehold on the women's ice hockey title.

PYEONGCHANG/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian Olympic curler Alexander Krushelnitsky has been found guilty of an anti-doping violation after testing positive for the banned substance meldonium, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) said on Thursday.

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (Reuters) - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is edging closer to allowing Russia to march behind their national flag at the Winter Games closing ceremony, sources said, in a move Moscow hopes will mark the end of its ostracism from world sport.

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (Reuters) - Surprise successes, shocking failures and a dizzying number of scheduling changes made for a turbulent three weeks in Pyeongchang for Mikaela Shiffrin, but the American said she is walking away happy after taking silver in Thursday's combined.

Science News

LONDON (Reuters) - The world's oldest known cave paintings were made by Neanderthals, not modern humans, suggesting our extinct cousins were far from being uncultured brutes.

BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazil's defense minister said on Thursday that SpaceX, Boeing and other companies have expressed interest in launching rockets from the South American nation's Alcantara military base near the equator, and that a delegation of interested parties visited the site late last year.

RAMON CRATER, Israel (Reuters) - A team of six Israeli researchers on Sunday ended a four-day Mars habitat experiment in Israel's Negev desert where they simulated living conditions on the Red Planet, Israel's Science and Technology Ministry said.

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Archaeologists exploring the word's biggest flooded cave in Mexico have discovered ancient human remains at least 9,000 years old and the bones of animals who roamed the earth during the last Ice Age.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - If you want to know how vampire bats can survive on a diet that -- as everyone knows -- consists exclusively of blood, the answer is simple. It's in their genes.

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CD Reviews

- Robin Denselow

An intriguing instrumental set mixes everything from ambient styles to free jazz. Plus, the verdict on other must-listen world music albums this month

Korean musicians have created some of the most exhilarating, unexpected folk-rock fusion work of the last few years, with bands such as Jambinai and Black String matching traditional instruments against guitars and electronica. Now comes composer and multi-instrumentalist Park Jiha, who is also fascinated by ancient Japanese instruments and influences, but takes a more gentle, hypnotic approach – which can still prove unexpected and often unsettling. In the past she played in the duo known as [su:m], who have collaborated with Arthur Jeffes of Penguin Cafe Orchestra, but on her solo debut album, Communion (tak:til/Glitterbeat), she takes a different approach. She is still writing new music for ancient instruments, and switches between the piri, a harsh-edged bamboo flute; the yanggeum, a hammered dulcimer; and the saenghwang, a mouth organ constructed from bamboo pipes. But she is now joined by saxophone and bass clarinet, vibraphone and percussion.

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- Alexis Petridis

Asked to leave Fat White Family due to addiction issues, Saul Ademczewski cleaned up, convened with Childhood’s Ben Romans-Hopcraft, and made an album of hope and horror

It’s seldom that anything involving Fat White Family comes with a heartwarming story attached. They are, after all, a band who describe themselves as “an invitation, sent by misery, to dance to the beat of human hatred”, whose artistic obsession with the ugliness of life is apparently reflected behind the scenes. Their music springs from a grimy personal world of penury, mental torment and hard drug use: “heartwarming” isn’t really on the agenda.

And yet, there is something at least vaguely cheering about the story behind the eponymous album by Insecure Men, a project that really came to life when the band’s chief songwriter, Saul Adamczewski, was asked to leave temporarily after – and this is a very Fat White Family kind of story – refusing to vacate the Paris venue the band were playing on the night of the Bataclan attack because he’d arranged to meet a heroin dealer there later on.

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- Daniel Dylan Wray

Manchester AcademyOn the night the Brit awards celebrated grime, the genre’s originator shows how his uniquely off-kilter flow facilitated its success

“What the fucking hell is this?” the crowd chant angrily as the in-house PA plays S Club 7. Wiley’s arrival to Lynyrd Skynyrd is then met with as many playful boos as it is cheers. However, within seconds the crowd shake off Free Bird and bounce as one to Been a While, from Wiley’s forthcoming album Godfather II.

Back With a Banger and I Call the Shots rattle the speakers and a giant circle-pit forms, filled with kids ricocheting around like sweat-drenched pinballs. The sputtering rhythms, gut-wobbling bass and skew-whiff beats collide in a way that allows Wiley to spit and twist his words with grace around them; he also stays machine-like in his precision.

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- Ben Beaumont-Thomas

Who savaged Theresa May and who smashed up a Lamborghini? The verdict on all of this year’s Brit awards performances

All the wins and performances – as they happenedBrit awards in picturesReport: Stormzy and Dua Lipa beat elders to snatch top prizes

The last time Timberlake played the Brits was in 2013, he came promoting a critically derided new album with a handful of kick-ass singles, so this should feel like Groundhog Day. He comes primed for big-stage performance after his Super Bowl show a couple of weeks back, a pop mashup that was almost avant garde in its insane complexity (or maybe just a bit of a mess) – he didn’t actually seem to do much singing, choosing instead to make occasional personal trainer “hup!” noises and bounding around like a funky televangelist. So what do we have here?

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- Andrew Clements

(Deutsche Grammophon)

Also reviewed: Debussy recordings by Daniel Barenboim and Stephen Hough

It has taken Maurizio Pollini almost 20 years to complete his survey of Debussy’s Préludes – his recording of the first book appeared in 1999. In that time, his recital appearances may have become more and more uneven, but the standard of his recordings has generally remained high, if, perhaps understandably, never quite recapturing the energy and brilliance of those made at the beginning of his career.

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Book Reviews

Top 5 at a Glance1. THE CONFESSION, by John Grisham2. WORTH DYING FOR, by Lee Child3. AMERICAN ASSASSIN, by Vince Flynn4. THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET’S NEST, by Stieg Larsson5. SIDE JOBS, by Jim Butcher

Top 5 at a Glance1. LIFE, by Keith Richards with James Fox2. BROKE, by Glenn Beck and Kevin Balfe3. EARTH (THE BOOK), by Jon Stewart and others4. THE LAST BOY, by Jane Leavy5. AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MARK TWAIN, VOL. 1, by Mark Twain

Top 5 at a Glance1. THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, by Stieg Larsson2. THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, by Stieg Larsson3. THE FINKLER QUESTION, by Howard Jacobson4. LITTLE BEE, by Chris Cleave5. CUTTING FOR STONE, by Abraham Verghese

Top 5 at a Glance1. THE LOST SYMBOL, by Dan Brown2. THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, by Stieg Larsson3. THE RECKLESS BRIDE, by Stephanie Laurens4. THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, by Stieg Larsson5. 61 HOURS, by Lee Child

Top 5 at a Glance1. EAT, PRAY, LOVE, by Elizabeth Gilbert2. INSIDE OF A DOG, by Alexandra Horowitz3. STONES INTO SCHOOLS, by Greg Mortenson4. THE GLASS CASTLE, by Jeannette Walls5. THREE CUPS OF TEA, by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

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